Introduction of Exposition

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Introduction of Exposition

Introduction of Exposition

Key Objectives of 2019 Seoul International Buddhism Expo

  • To deliver Buddhist culture that represents traditional Korean culture
  • To vitalize Buddhist industry and traditional cultural market
  • To present directivity for Buddhist and traditional culture and expand the scope of industry
  • To present the future of Korean Buddhism and traditional industry through conversion from B2C to B2B with foreign buyers and monks

Anticipated Effects

  • To systematize traditional and Buddhist culture and form a market through business promotion
  • To increase understanding of traditional Buddhist culture in residents and foreigners
  • To facilitate globalization of traditional Buddhist culture through attraction of foreign buyers and monks

Business Conduct of Companies Related to Buddhism and Traditional Culture

  • Largest and best Buddhist Expo in Korea
  • Opportunity for development of traditional culture and industry through vitalization of Buddhist industry
  • Grounds for exchange and development of Buddhist industry
  • Maximization of promotion effect through hosts, Buddhist News and Bulkwang Publishing
  • Global stage of business visited by foreign buyers from Buddhist countries like China and Taiwan

2019 Seoul International Buddhism Expo
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