Rules of Participation

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Rules of Participation

Rules of Participation

Article 1. Definition of terms

  1. "Exhibition" means "2019 Seoul International Buddhism Expo" (hereafter exhibition).
  2. "Exhibitor" means a company, association, individual, or any other similar entity that submitted an application for participation in this exhibition.
  3. The term "host" refers to Bulwang Media of Buddhist newspapers and the term "planner / operator" refers to Mind Design Co., Ltd.
  4. "Exhibit product" means a product that exhibitors produce and sell. (When a change of exhibit product occurs, a change application form must be submitted to the operation office immediately.)

Article 2 Application for Participation and Payment of Participation Fee

  1. Exhibitors should fill out the application form and submit it to the operation office.
  2. When exhibitors pre-register or register, exhibitors must pay 50% of the booth participation fee("deposit") to the bank account specified in the application within one week after submitting the business registration certificate and participation application form.
  3. The remaining 50% of the balance must be paid by September 20, 2019 for pre-registered exhibitors and October 20, 2019 for general registration exhibitors.
  4. Exhibitors must notify the operation office immediately if any change occurs in documents, such as the application form already submitted. The exhibitor is responsible for the disadvantages of not notifying the operation office.
  5. If the exhibitor fails to pay all the expenses related to the exhibition, such as booth participation fee, by the deadline, the host may withhold or cancel the participation.

Article 3 Assignment of Exhibition Area

  1. The organizer and the planner / operator will arrange the exhibitors that passed the inspection, according to the size of the booth, the order of booth payment, the type of exhibits and other reasonable methods.
  2. The organizer and the planner / operator shall have the authority to change the assigned location to the exhibitor when deemed necessary for the overall operation of the exhibition hall, taking into account the space coordination, efficiency and exhibition effects of the exhibition hall.
  3. Such changes are at the discretion of the Organizer and the Operations Office, and exhibitors may not claim compensation for the consequences of such changes.

Article 4 Cancellation and Change of Exhibitor's Participation

  1. If the exhibitor cancels all or part of the contracted exhibition area, the exhibitor shall immediately notify the host or the planner / operator in a written document.
  2. Pre-registration General registration
    • Cancellation before August 30, 2019: Full refund
    • Cancellation before September 15, 2019: 50% refund of payment
    • Cancellation after October 1, 2019: No refund.
    • Cancellation before September 30, 2019: 50% refund of deposit
    • Cancellation by October 10, 2019: 50% refund of the payment
    • Cancellation after October 20, 2019: No refund.
  3. Cancellation fee according to notification time of Clause 1 of this Article is as follows.
  4. No interest shall be paid on the refund.
  5. Non-refundable entry fees are not carried forward to the next “exhibition” entry fee.
※ Cancellation point: It is based on the arrival date of the exhibitor's request for cancellation.

Article 5 Cancellation and Change of Exhibition

If the exhibition is canceled due to the organizer's fault, the organizer will return the full participation fee to the exhibitor.
In this case, the exhibitor cannot claim extra compensation from the host.
However, if the exhibition date is changed or canceled due to force majeure such as natural disaster or national emergency, it will not be returned and the exhibitor cannot claim compensation.

Article 6 Provision of Information to the host

Exhibitors will provide the operation office with the information necessary to promote the exhibition, as well as data on the construction of the exhibits and exhibited products, so that the exhibitor can determine whether the booth and exhibition activities are in compliance with the regulations.

Article 7 Display of Devices and Exhibited products.

Exhibitors must complete the bring-in and display of devices and exhibited products within the assigned exhibition area before the exhibition date.

Article 8 Insurance, Exhibition Hall and Exhibit Management

  1. The host will do its best to manage the exhibition safely.
  2. The exhibitor shall be fully responsible for the damage and theft of the equipment and exhibits, which may occur during the exhibition period, the apparatus and the dismantling period.
  3. If an exhibitor causes an accident such as fire, theft, or damage due to intentional or negligent behavior and causes damage to the host or another person, the exhibitor is responsible for compensation, and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure the exhibits.
  4. The host is not responsible for any loss caused by natural disasters, fires or power outages, etc,.

Article 9 Exhibition Hall Management

  1. Exhibitors must exhibit the products specified in the application form and arrange resident personnel to ensure their booth management.
  2. Exhibitors may not transfer part or all of the allocated exhibition area to others without the written consent of the Host.
  3. All materials in the exhibition system must be properly flame retarded according to the fire and safety regulations, and the host can limit the construction work and demonstration if necessary.
  4. Exhibitors are not allowed to make any arbitrary changes, such as painting the floor, ceiling, columns, walls, etc. of the exhibition hall. If the exhibition hall is damaged by exhibitor, the exhibitor shall indemnify the host by taking proper measures, such as restoration.

Article 10 Installation and Removal

Installation and dismantling must be completed within the time period specified by the host, and if there is compensation for loss due to delay or removal of the exhibition hall, the exhibitor should pay it to the host.

Article 11 Exhibition and PR Activities

  1. Exhibitors' advertisement activities should not be carried out outside the allocated exhibition space.
  2. Exhibitors shall display the specified exhibition products and place resident personnel in the booth.
  3. If there is a registered company event or exhibition activity that has not been notified to the host in advance, or if there is a registered company that damages other exhibitors, the host can control it or terminate the participation contract. All disadvantages caused by this shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  4. In case of damage to other companies due to the use of sound equipment, the organizer may take necessary measures.

Article 12 Supplementary Provisions

If necessary, the host may establish supplementary rules not specified in the entry rules, and exhibitors should follow them. Exhibitors must also comply with all exhibition regulations of SETEC.

Article 13. Settlement of Disputes

Disputes arising between the Host and the exhibitor and any other rights and obligations arising out of the interpretation of this Participation Regulation shall be subject to the arbitral tribunal's decision of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and the judgment shall not be brought to court.  

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