BAF Youth Artist Competition

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BAF Youth Artist Competition

BAF Youth Artist Competition

BAF Young Artist Competition
In order to expand the genre of Buddhist art and to form a new class of artists through the Buddha Art Festival, the existing 'Young Buddhist Artist's Exhibition' will be held in a contest to discover and nurture more diverse and creative new artists, and to establish a contact point with modern art.

7th Buddha Art Festival / Exhibition for prize-winning works at BAF Young Artist Contest

< BAF Young Artists Competition > is a step towards expanding the Buddhist art genre and forming a new artist group at the Buddha Art Festival. We will hold an existing 'Young Buddhist Artist's Exhibition' as a competition to discover and foster more diverse and creative new artists and to establish a contact point with modern art.
A total of 42 artists' works have been received in about a month. There were many interests and active participation, from students who majored in Buddhist art to writers whose works were based on Buddhist philosophy. Particularly, this contest featured the participation of various genres of modern and traditional arts, including 26 flat works, 11 three-dimensional works, and 5 media and other works, which are a variety of fresh and diverse works that interpret the things we face in daily life through Buddhist philosophy.
The contest screened for eight promising artists, focusing on the novelty, originality of the idea, and the possibility of the artist's development, as well as the conformity to the theme of meditation or Buddhist philosophy.
The grand prize, Lee Jin-sol's 'How to Check In Emotions_Furious' is a work that expresses the anxiety of young people honestly and proceeds through meditation.
It is impressive to express the awareness of feelings in the form of images, and we hope that visitors will have the wisdom of the Buddha, 'What is born must change and disappear someday.'
'DHARMA FIGURE' by Hwang Doo-hyun, who was selected as the Grand Prize, is a work that shows the brilliant patterns used to decorate sacred things in Buddhism to the objects seen in everyday life, like infusing them with Buddha hood. It is a work that connects the boundary between non-Buddhism and Buddhism things, and we hope that the artist continues the work.
The Buddha's Day # 1 by Kim Ji-sun, the Excellence Prize, is a work that can lead to wider awareness of Buddhist paintings. It is a work in which Korea’s calmness and sophistication coexist using traditional colors and techniques. Shin Lee-na's work showed novelty by expressing the meaning of spiritual practices by sewing.
In addition, a variety of works have been selected as admitted prize works that give a glimpse of the creative and free sensations of young artists.
We look forward to the ongoing efforts of the Hosting organization to help the competition grow into a venue for young new generation artists to unleash diverse and innovative talents for traditional and modern Buddhism.

The chairman of the screening committee Kim Young-soo and, 3 panel of judges.

Winner 2019 Year 2019

Grand Prize

name : Lee Jin-sol
title : How to Check In Emotions_Furious

Golden Prize

name : Hwang Duhyeon

Silver Prize

name : Kim Ji-sun
title : The Buddha's Day #1

name : Shin Lee-na
title : Untitled

Admitted prize

name : Kim Min Ji
title : A Piece of Light- Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

name : Mimi Shin
title : Believer (信道)

name : Lee Yong-eun
title : Koch-ki-li

name : Hwang Se-hyun
title : great mercy and compassion (大慈大悲)

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