Traditional Culture Merchandise Exhibition

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Traditional Culture Merchandise Exhibition

Traditional Culture Merchandise Exhibition

Excellent Traditional Culture Product Exhibition is
aims to suggest the direction of development of Korean traditional and Buddhist industry by discovering and supporting excellent products related to Korean tradition and Buddhism.

Competition Overview

  • Program Name
    Seoul International Buddhism Expo 'Excellent Traditional Culture Product Exhibition
  • Competition Date
    September 9-September 27, 2019
  • Exhibition Date
    November 14-November 17, 2019
  • Venue
    Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention
  • Competition Theme
    Meditation items
  • Qualification of participants
    writers, artists, designers and companies interested in traditional and Buddhist culture

The Seoul International Buddhism Expo has been hosting the 'Excellent Traditional Culture Product Exhibition'. We aim to discover excellent products related to Korean tradition and Buddhism, and to provide directions for the development of the Korean tradition and Buddhism industry by supporting writers, designers and companies interested in traditional and Buddhist cultures.
The theme of 'Excellent Traditional Culture Product Exhibition' of 'The Seoul International Buddhism Expo 2019 (7th Buddha Art Festival)' is the 'Meditation items'. The winners were determined by evaluating the value, quality, design, and price, etc.
Grand Prize : Calm and Slow's "The Moon Light" is a Hanji(Korean paper) lighting that was inspired by the tradition of hanging lanterns made of Korean paper on Buddha's day.
A lamp made by folding a Korean paper, produced with SuRok technique, which shows the moon becoming bigger and smaller as it is folded and unfolded. When you open the frames made of walnut wood, you will see a hemispherical lampshade like a pop-up book.
This is designed to compensate for the difficulties of storage and transportation, which were disadvantages of Hanji lighting, and is suitable for the theme of 'Meditation items' in the Excellent Traditional Culture Product Exhibition. In addition, the item received good reviews from all the judges in terms of practicality, craftsmanship and quality.
Golden Prize : The "Infant Romper (Toddler Clothes) Applied Hanbok Design" by GamRo Design. This work stands out for its traditional materials, the functionality of baby clothes, and the modern tradition.
The traditional JoGakBo patchwork technique was used as a design and applied manually to the collar of the garment. This infant romper is made in the form of a gown for easy wearing and removing. In addition, the traditional burlap material and JoGakBo patchwork design are applied to express Korean beauty well.
Silver Prize : This award was given to Yoo Jin-kyeng Wood Studio's "Scented Meditation" tea table. This has received excellent reviews in terms of quality and functionality. A tea table set designed to work with the minimum tools necessary for meditation. There are three sets of products: a tea table that can hold cups, tea, and tea stand, one incense stand, and one candle stand. It is made using traditional wood furniture making techniques, NakDong technique and weaving technique.
In addition, a total of 11 works were selected as Admitted Prize, including 8 small items such as Masterwork HanJi MaRu, Fine_XXi , Needle & Co, HaeIn Gallery, YeongCheon MokTak Craft Company, KinDiGo, Ot & Ot, and NeungIn HyangDang.
We look forward to the further development of the Korean Traditional Buddhism industry with your efforts to spread sustainable resources and Buddhist culture through the Korea Buddhism Expo.
I hope that the new artists will endeavor to develop a lot of interests in traditional Buddhist culture products and to continue to develop them, and as more people using it in everyday life, and it becomes an opportunity to practice and enjoy Buddhist culture.

The chairman of the screening committee, Choi Sung-jae. (Professor, Korea Traditional Culture University)

Winner 2019

Winners will be exhibited at the 2019 Buddhism EXPO.

Grand Prize

company name : Calm and Slow
product name : the Moon Light

Golden Prize

company name : GamRo design
product name : Hanbok Infant Romper

Silver Prize

company name : Yoo Jin-kyeng wood Studio
product name : Scented Meditation

Admitted prize

company name : Needle & Co ( Echo Prism)
product name : blanket & mat(Up up-cycle blanket & mat)

company name : Masterwork HanJi MaRu, co
product name : Mineral lacquered HanJiMaRu

company name : YeongCheon MokTak Craft Company
product name : Teacup and Tea storage

company name : [Fine_XXi]
product name : Pour Buddha's light and color

company name : HaeIn Gallery & Buddhist Sculpture Art Cente
product name : Lotus waterway

company name : Ot & Ot
product name : Patented natural lacquered silver kalopanax tree beads and rings

company name : NeungIn HyangDang
product name : Aloeswood incense reinterpreted by Korean Traditional Techniques

company name : Kindigo
product name : Naturally dyed tea cloth & mat with SotDae embroidery

Past exhibition winners

Past exhibition winners

Year 2018

Grand Prize (The executive chief of the JoGye Order of Korean Buddhism Award )

company name : 7/7Pattern
product name : Korean Temple Flower Pattern Door Embroidered Card
Card set with handmade embroidery to introduce traditional patterns in temple buildings designated as treasure.

Golden prize (Co-operation Chairperson Award_Buddhism Newspaper)

company name : Jang Hye-Won
product name : wind chime
wind chime with the traditional sewing technique 'JingGeumSu' and the traditional pillow decoration 'JatSsi' pattern.

Silver Award (Co-Operation Chairperson Award_Bulgwang Media.)

company name : NaEun Craft
product name : Lotus Gate NaJeon Lacquer Beads Storage
NaJeon lacquer craft, a Korean traditional craft that lacquered wood with nacre decoration.

Special Award (Joint Co-operation Chairpersons' Award)

company name : Seong Nak-yoon, SomSsi
product name : Knotted beads, 108 beads, short beads
Products using 'KaRaJi' knot, a type of traditional knot

Admitted prize

company name : Buddha Artist
product name : Buddhist temples of South Korea : MAP handkerchief.
Contains image characters of Korea's famous temple (25 parish headquarters). This handkerchief can give special meaning to Buddhists / tourists / foreigners who visit there.

company name : Ot and Ot
product name : Natural lacquered YutNoRi set with temple pilgrimage decoration.
Processed wood shaped into Yut, then natural lacquered, and engraved with the Six-word Mantra of Great Bright Light.

company name : MuA
product name : New Road to Attaining Buddhahood Game
A Buddhist board game that follows the traditional 'Road to Attaining Buddhahood Game', redesigned the board and adds strategic elements to the rules to improve the fun elements and understanding of the general public.

company name : NeoNaDeul-I
product name : Festival of prayer beads (21 Short beads / 108 beads / 1000 beads)
A product made with the Korean traditional 'KaRakJi' knot technique.

company name : YeoNuSsi Craft
product name : Sound of wind in mountain temple
A traditional but modern design with the shape of a mountain and the coloring details expressed in a paper nacre technique.

company name : YuGiYu
product name : Lotus Teaspoon & Tea Fork
Products with lotus flower on the back of the cutlery in order to express the beauty of lotus flower as if bowing down, like expressing humbleness and modesty.

company name : storymin
product name : Haitai Horong Lamp
This item is made with the motif of Haitai. Haitai is an animal god of water to prevent fire and a symbol of guardians against disaster. It is used in various ways, from the court to the civilian, and it also contains meanings that prevent all kinds of bad energy and bring good luck.

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